What is SPC Flooring?

SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite, its a rigid core click floor designed to be stable and durable, made from a mix of stone poder and polymers. At j2 Flooring our SPC products are available in a variety of styles and colours, such as planks, tiles and herringbone. SPC flooring is perfect for a low maintenance floor, which can be installed easily with its simple DIY click system, making it a great alternative to other floor coverings such as gluedown LVT and natural stone tiles.

What are the benefits of SPC Flooring?

Similarly to LVT flooring, j2 Flooring SPC offers huge benefits in terms of practical and aesthetical. On one hand it look and feels like natural flooring materials, but is made from durable and stable components, which form its core and can also be installed far easier, using Uniclic locking system technology.

Although installing SPC flooring is relatively simple in terms of clicking it together without any glue required, it still needs to be installed on a solid, smooth and level subfloor, this is where it is similar to ceramic tiles and LVT floors. Preparation is key before installing SPC flooring, although it can be laid over existing fully bonded floors, which meet the criteria, such as LVT, Stone Ties (depending on level), chipboard panels and wood floors.

See below a handful of benefits SPC flooring provides.

SPC offers an excellent alternative to Stone Floor Tiles such as ceramic and porcelain
Built in Underlay

No need to purchase additional underlay! All our SPC floors come with a built in underlay saving you time and money when installing.


All j2 SPC floors are waterproof, making them ideal for problem areas such as kitchens and bathrooms


j2 SPC floors are perfect for the home as they are hygienic as bacteria cannot live on the surface as well as being easy to clean.

Suitable with Underfloor Heating Systems

All our SPC floors are compatible with all types of underfloor heating systems, just remember to ensure the heating element is at least 10mm below the back of the floor and is encapsulated in a smoothing compound, to ensure even heat distribution

Can be Laid Over Existing Floors

Providing the subfloor is smooth, level and firm, within the tolerance indicated on the product, our SPC floors can be installed on top. 

DIY Friendly

Our SPC floors are a floating floor installation, which means the product is clicked together, making it easy & quick to install. Just make sure you prepare your subfloor correctly first!

How is SPC Flooring Made?

j2 SPC flooring is made using high quality CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate) and various polymers to create a structurally stable and quality rigid core click floor. With the high content of stone within the product, the product is more akin to a natural stone floor, such as ceramic or porcelain tile, however the polymer element allows it to be engineered into a click together system, which makes installing upto 8 times faster than traditional tiled floors, saving time and money.

Below is a diagram of the various layers that go into producing j2 SPC flooring

1. UV Coating

This layer is a protective polyurethane coating, it is factory applied and with regular maintenance is replenished to help protect the wear layer and keep the appearance of the flooring looking better for longer.

2. Wear Layer

This is the layer that provides the durability and guarantee length. Wear layers vary on each SPC product, but the thicker the wear layer the more durable the product. Our SPC flooring is available in two different wear layer thicknesses:

0.30mm – ZEEZOO (Plank / Herringbone & Tile)

Classed as a residential quality our 0.30mm wear layer floors are suitable for heavy domestic and light commercial.

0.50mm – CUBE

A 0.55mm wear layer is classified as general commercial quality, which means it is extra heavy domestic. Our 0.55mm wear layer SPC comes with a lifetime guarantee in residential locations.

3. Decor Layer

this is the film print, which gives the product its design feature. At j2 Flooring, we choose the most natural looking designs to ensure your floor is as authentic as possible.

4. Ultra Stable SPC Rigid Core Layer

This is the rigid core layer, which is the combination of stone and polymers formulated to give the very best and stable product. Our products use the well known Uniclic locking system which is engineered within the core to provide a simple and DIY friendly installation method.

5. Pre-Attached Underlay

All j2 SPC products come with a pre-attached sound reduction underlay. This speeds up installation and also saves money. The underlay provided is the only underlay you should use under SPC flooring, otherwise additional compression from extra underlay can cause the product to break.

Our SPC Collections

Check out the collections of click SPC flooring we produce, or if you want to see everything we do in SPC click here

ZEEZOO is our largest collection of SPC floors, with planks, herringbone and tile styles, you will find a product that suits your interior perfectly.

CUBE® is a collection of commercial grade SPC Floors, with its 0.50mm wear layer and stunning designs.