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Apr 06, 2023


By Joe Curran

SPC Flooring or Ceramic Tiles: Making the right choice for your home

With some many different flooring options available it can be difficult to know which is the right choice for your home. SPC flooring and ceramic tiles are two popular options for areas that require both durable and waterproof flooring, such as bathrooms, kitchens and hallways.

Whilst there are many similarities between SPC flooring and ceramic tiles, there are some distinct differences too. If you’re undecided between SPC flooring and ceramic tiles and in need of a side by side comparison… Read on!

Subfloor preparation

Both SPC floor and ceramic tiles require a clean, smooth, flat and solid subfloor for installation. This is a hugely important step in your flooring renovation journey as the subfloor’s quality has a direct impact on the flooring’s performance and appearance. 

There is a misconception that SPC flooring can be installed over a poor quality subfloor, this is incorrect. SPC flooring is advantageous in a sense that it can be laid straight over existing floor coverings such as ceramics, laminate and wood, however those floor coverings are required to be clean, smooth, flat and solid to be considered a suitable subfloor.


SPC flooring is considerably easier to install than ceramic tiles. Installing ceramic tiles is a time consuming process with little margin for error. which require adhesive, grouting, specialist tools and skills. SPC flooring is easy to cut and uses a locking mechanism to click the tiles and planks together, creating a floating floor. This makes installation quicker and easier for professionals, and an option for inexperienced installers or DIYers too.


SPC flooring and ceramic tiles are both extremely durable and more than a match for any busy home, however thanks to its wear layer, the protective coating at the surface of the tiles and planks, SPC flooring typically has better wear and tear properties. This resistance to scratches, stains, chips and dents caused by the hustle and bustle of family life mean your flooring will look great long term.


Both SPC flooring and ceramic tiles are 100% waterproof making them a dream flooring option for kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Not only are they a breeze to clean, accidental spills and splashes aren’t a problem either.


SPC flooring and ceramic tiles have a smooth surface making them very easy to clean with regular sweeping and periodic mopping, however the grout in between ceramic tiles can easily stain and scrubbing is required for proper cleaning. This makes Ceramic tiles a higher maintenance option out of the two. 


The design versatility available with either SPC flooring or ceramic tiles is so vast you are likely to find a range of designs that perfectly complement your chosen aesthetic, however the photographic technology used on the decorative film in SPC flooring allows it to mimic the appearance and textures of any flooring style you could possibly want, eg. natural stone and authentic wood, the design possibilities are endless and almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Comfort underfoot

Warmth and comfort underfoot is an area where SPC flooring is far superior to ceramic tiles. ceramic tiled flooring is notoriously cold and hard to walk on. Thanks to the vinyl material and built in underlay of SPC flooring it is much more comfortable and quiet underfoot.


The cost of both SPC flooring can vary, however SPC flooring is typically slightly cheaper than ceramic tiles to buy, and the installation costs of SPC flooring is considerably lower due to the ease of installation. This makes it a highly cost effective option.


Both SPC flooring and ceramic tiles are excellent flooring options for the home, especially in areas that require durable and waterproof flooring, however the many additional benefits associated with SPC flooring such as easier installation, lower costs, higher durability, lower maintenance and better warmth and comfort underfoot make it a better choice for most homeowners. 

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