dark wood effect lvt flooring

Mar 01, 2023


By Joe Curran

Flooring tips to make your small space appear bigger

Flooring is one of the most important elements of a room. It can make or break a space, as well as making it feel bigger or smaller than it actually is. If you have a small living space that needs some extra oomph, here are our top tips on how you can use LVT flooring to make your space appear larger and more open.

Seamless room to room transition

One of the best ways to create the illusion of more space is by sticking with one floor design you love and letting it flow from room to room. This creates flow and gives the appearance of openness instead of breaking up the space which gives a disconnected unfinished feeling. With glue down LVT there isn’t a need for doorway transition strips either which makes the transition ever more seamless.

Elevate your space through colour and design

Whether you’re interested in a wood or stone effect LVT the colour and design of your flooring will immediately impact how large your space feels. To enhance the size of your space opt for a light neutral shade with a plain grain or pattern that create an uncluttered and streamlined aesthetic, a wood effect such as our NTP40 or NT40- Alpine Mist is a great choice or for a stone effect, opt for a muted shade like ZZ205 – Sicilian Stone. Adopt the same tones across your walls and furniture for a beautifully cohesive and open aesthetic.

Alternatively, take the complete opposite approach and strive for contrast. Choose dark flooring and combine it with light walls, you might be surprised to learn that this combination of contrasting colours can actually make your small space feel bigger. For this aesthetic we would recommend a rich wood tone such as our RT03 – Brushed Walnut that evokes warmth and depth or alternatively for a stone effect consider ZZ202 – Florence Slate. This method is a little more tricky to execute well but works wonders when done right.

Create movement with a herringbone floor design

Installing a herringbone wood effect LVT floor design is a great way to make any small space appear bigger. The diagonal lines of this pattern give the illusion of movement which helps create a sense of spaciousness.

Herringbone LVT flooring should be installed in the direction of the rooms natural focal point to help direct the eye there, usually this would be an opening into another room or striking feature in the room. Herringbone LVT flooring works well in both contemporary and traditional schemes and is a very popular choice due to its ability to create visual interest without making your space appear cluttered and busy.

Straight lay your LVT

Straight lay flooring is a type of flooring where LVT planks are laid in a straight line, parallel with the longest dimension of the room. This installation technique has a lengthening effect that makes the room look larger. Straight lay flooring can create a seamless effect which gives the illusion of space.

Wider LVT planks are preferable when the goal is to create the illusion of space as they combine to create a surface that appears more spacious and less busy.

Create a seamless stone effect

Stone effect LVT can also be used to create the appearance of a larger space by opting for larger tile formats or tiles without grout lines. This will create a more seamless aesthetic and a sense of space. Square LVT tiles should be installed in a grid pattern whilst rectangular shaped tiles should be installed, parallel with the longest dimension of the room. 


We hope that these tips helped you get a better idea of how to make your small space look bigger. We have an extensive range of LVT flooring designs to suit any style and with our free sample service you can try before you buy.

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