Jul 02, 2024


By Stephen Latham

The best flooring for your bathroom

Bathroom renovation in progress? Let’s talk about bathroom flooring. Day to day, bathrooms go through a lot, and your new floor needs to be able to withstand it all. However, with so many options available, making the right choice can sometimes feel overwhelming. Here’s a guide to choosing your new bathroom flooring, with a spotlight on why LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) might be your perfect match.

Popular bathroom flooring options

When it comes to bathroom flooring, the most popular options include LVT, vinyl, ceramic and porcelain tiles, and waterproof laminate, of which, each have their own advantages:


Vinyl flooring is a good budget-friendly and water resistant flooring option. Available in a wide range of designs, it can replicate more expensive materials like wood and stone, however, one area vinyl falls short is durability. Vinyl doesn’t hold up very well long term, plus the final appearance is usually less polished than other options available.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

A classic choice for bathrooms, ceramic and porcelain tiles are highly durable and waterproof, making them both good long term flooring options for bathrooms. The downside is that they can be cold and uncomfortable underfoot, a notable concern in a space where being barefoot is common. From a cleaning perspective, the tiles themselves are a breeze to clean, however the grout in between is more tricky, and requires scrubbing to properly remove stains.

Waterproof Laminate

Waterproof laminate embraces beauty and easy installation, with the practicality of water resistance. Although, it’s worth noting that waterproof laminate is usually only designed to handle moisture, and isn’t as waterproof as vinyl or ceramic tiles, meaning splashes and spills should be cleaned up quickly to avoid risk of damage to your floor. The design options available with laminate flooring can also be more restrictive than alternative bathroom flooring options.

Glacier Oak Chevron

Why Choose LVT

LVT has surged in popularity over recent years, particularly in demanding spaces like bathrooms. So, what’s the appeal?

It’s 100% waterproof

LVT is completely waterproof, meaning splashes and spills are no big deal. Enjoy those lively evening bath-time rituals with the kids, without worry of damage to your floors.

It’s scratch-resistant

Throughout the day, bathrooms see a lot of comings and goings, however LVT is designed to withstand the demands of any busy space, keeping signs of wear to a minimum and maintaining its appearance over years to come.

It’s easy to clean

LVT has a smooth surface that resists stains, meaning a simple cleaning regime is all it takes to keep your bathroom flooring looking its best.

It’s comfortable to walk on

A stand out benefit of LVT is that it’s warm and comfortable underfoot, making every step in your bathroom a pleasant experience. This comfort can be enhanced further thanks to LVT’s compatibility with underfloor heating, giving you a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. 

Designs to suit any style

Bathrooms, being smaller spaces, make a perfect canvas for bold design experimentation. LVT provides the most diverse range of design options, from wood and stone effects to intricate patterns like herringbone, panels, Victorian tiles, and contemporary designs. This versatility means finding a design to suit your style will be no problem at all.

NS64 Mineral Stone Close Up

Ideal for Easy Installation

LVT is also suitable for those looking for an easy installation option. SPC interlocking flooring, alternatively known as a rigid-core SPC vinyl flooring like our Zeezoo or Cube collections, offer the benefits of LVT noted above, with the added appeal of a sturdy core and click installation system for quicker and easier installation without the need for glue.

What are the negatives of LVT?

While LVT is an excellent choice for many reasons, it can sometimes be considered a less sustainable option compared to other materials. However, our LVT is designed to be long-lasting and is recyclable at the end of its life. It’s also a healthy option for the home, boasting Floorscore and Greenguard Gold certifications, for low VOC emissions. Plus it’s free from phthalates and heavy metals, and easy to clean without the need for nasty chemicals.

ST03 Fossil Limestone Bathroom

So, ​let your renovation plans continue! And feel confident knowing whatever bathroom design you land on, there’s an LVT style to suit; complemented by waterproof durability, easy maintenance and comfort. Explore our beautiful bathroom flooring options and get inspired.

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