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Dec 04, 2022


By Joe Curran

6 interior trends you can expect to see in 2023

As we near the end of 2022 it’s time to start getting excited about what design trends the new year will bring. From marble, mixed woods and minimalistic designs here are the trends we predict we will be seeing more of in 2023.

More marble 

Marble is one of the most versatile materials you can use in your home. It’s elegant, classic and timeless and we expect the desire for marble to continue in 2023. Available in so many different looks and colours, it’s also a great way to express your own personal style and add a unique touch to your space.

Marble is undoubtedly beautiful, however it’s also expensive, brittle and stains easily, making it not altogether a practical solution for a busy family home. However, you can opt for marble effect alternatives, such as our brand new ZEEZOO Marble shades, Tumbled Carrara Marble and Verona Marble, for your flooring, giving the aesthetic of marble but also the benefits of a rigid core click vinyl flooring such as easy installation, affordability, durability and easy maintenance.

Earthy hues

From sandy beiges, to tan and chocolate tones, we expect to see a lot of earthy hues in 2023. These tones immediately bring warmth and comfort to any space making you feel instantly relaxed. This is also the perfect scheme to create a layered look as shades can be easily combined to create a cohesive aesthetic.

This aesthetic is all about creating depth with rich tones and textures, for your flooring consider opting for a natural stone effect like our Sicilian Stone or Fossil Limestone LVT, this will provide an organic feel and a clean and contemporary base that can be built upon.

Mixing wood tones

The idea of layers continues into this trend. Light wood and Scandinavian inspired spaces had their moment, but in 2023 we expect to see attention move toward darker shades and more mixing of tones, as a way of creating depth and bringing visual interest to your space. 

As a rule of thumb you want the dominant tone to be on the floor which can then be layered upon with darker and lighter shades as well as other textures and colours creating an intentional and collected feel. For the flooring we recommend opting for mid-tone options like our Carpenters Oak or Blonde Oak LVT designs.

Warm whites

White is timeless and one of the easiest and most effective ways to brighten up any space, however expect to see less stark and clinical pure whites in favour of warmer more inviting shades going into 2023. 

Herringbone flooring is the perfect flooring option to finish this classic aesthetic, consider a rich wood tone like our Golden Oak Parquet, or alternatively create contrast with a dark wood shade like Burnt Hickory from our ZEEZOO collection.

Wellness at home

As we have become more aware of wellness and wellbeing our homes have become mini sanctuaries of self care. We are looking to make our spaces more calming and reflective of nature by incorporating nature inspired finishes into our home, such as wood, cork, linen and leather.

For flooring, we expect to see less grey and white wood floors and more authentic wood and stone designs. Rustic Oak and Farmhouse Oak are great examples of rustic wood designs that beautifully replicate authentic wood flooring with a realistic grain and texture.

Less is more

Maximisim is out and people are realising again that less really is more. We don’t expect to see a severe minimalist approach in 2023 but we do expect to see people leaning toward a simplified aesthetic with less colour, more neutrals and fewer but well considered, quality pieces designed to create a clean and simple style.

Understated yet sleek flooring is recommended for this aesthetic such as our Palermo Slate or Florence Slate from our ZEEZOO collection, alternately you could opt for a wood design with a subtle grain like our Alpine Mist or Fumed Oak Light which can be installing herringbone to compliments the minimalistic style without being too overpowering.

Whilst trends are a great form of inspiration, what’s really important is that you love the space you create, and when in doubt always remember a timeless aesthetic never goes out of style.

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