Bleached Ash spc flooring

Oct 31, 2023

@thelopezhome’s new j2 Flooring


J2 flooring partnered with interiors influencer Caryn Lopez on the transformation of her office space. Caryn was looking for a practical solution that would also complement her warm yet muted aesthetic. 

The primary goal of this renovation was to create a space that exudes a sense of calm and seamlessly integrates with the rest of the home

Available in a range of wood tones, j2 Flooring gives the authentic appearance of wood flooring as well as offering benefits such as easy cleaning and extreme durability. Caryn opted for CB153- Bleached Ash from the Cube SPC rigid core collection for her multi-functional space which served a dual home office for her husband and a dressing room for herself.

Caryn’s interior style can be described as timeless and minimal, where the beauty of neutrals and warm, earthy tones take center stage. This aesthetic choice not only creates a soothing atmosphere but also allows for the infusion of depth and character through the use of various textures and materials. Introducing j2 Flooring’s Bleached Ash SPC flooring added a genuine touch of nature into the space. The gentle warmth of this choice worked harmoniously with the rest of her aesthetic and amplifies the room’s cosy ambiance.

While elevating the room’s overall look was undeniably a priority, it was the room’s practical demands that primarily spurred the renovation. The previously installed carpet, though comfy, was misaligned with the room’s functional needs. Considering the significance of this room in Caryn’s day-to-day activities, the necessity for a flooring solution that combined durability with ease of maintenance in addition to comfort became paramount. Caryn’s choice of SPC flooring provided a comprehensive solution that perfectly met all these needs; built-in underlay, providing added comfort and sound insulation, the solid core and wear layer, providing enhanced durability and a unique PU coating,  provided easy cleaning benefits.

With so many wood designs to choose from, Caryn made use of j2 Floorings new room visualiser tool which allowed her to narrow down her options ahead of ordering free samples. Once decided on the perfect shade for her space, installation was completed with ease thanks to the built in underlay and Uniclic click system.

we absolutely love our new floor, the quality is exceptional and it has transformed the space into the neutral, earthy and multi-functional haven that I had envisioned.

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