Carpenters Oak chevron LVT flooring

Jan 02, 2024

@rightbacktothestart’s dream dining room


In the process of renovating her 1880s Victorian home, interior influencer Claire, known as @rightbacktothestart, shifted her focus to her dining space. Her aim was to harmonise the room with her unique aesthetic while improving its warmth and functionality.

Claire’s living space is a reflection of her diverse interior style, seamlessly blending minimalist Scandinavian vibes with opulent touches. However, the original floorboards previously existing in the room, though stained beautifully, failed to provide the necessary insulation for the large historic property. Gaps around the edges extended down into the basement, compromising energy efficiency and leaving the space feeling cold.

The main goal for the flooring renovation was to make the room more usable by helping it to stay warm and providing a more ‘finished’ look that not only complements the existing furniture but also align with Claires future plans of incorporating a wooden dining table and chairs into the space.

LVT was the perfect choice, seamlessly infusing Claire’s home with the warmth she desired, while maintaining the authentic appearance of wooden flooring. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, LVT brought a host of practical benefits perfectly suited for a dining room setting. Its durability and resistance to scratches and scuffs promise a lasting, pristine look, Its waterproof nature ensures that accidental spills aren’t a problem. Not to mention, its ease of cleaning, adds another layer of convenience.

Claire had used j2 flooring LVT in her home previously, covering her hallway and kitchen, and was impressed by the range of choices and styles available, as well as the exceptional quality that compared favourably against other brands in the market. When it came to her dining room Claire chose the timeless CVR43 – Carpenters Oak chevron LVT flooring aligning seamlessly with the Victorian charm of her home. While maintaining consistency in shade with her hallway and kitchen, this choice introduced a distinctive chevron laying pattern, deviating from the herringbone design in other areas, specifically NTP43 – Carpenters Oak. This created a seamless transition from one room to the next, marked by subtle yet striking differences in design.

Collaborating closely with a trusted fitter, the transformation was completed in just two days and without any significant challenges. The end result was a truly breathtaking space that radiates warmth and functionality perfectly tailored for the enjoyment of family meals and cosy gatherings.

The room is so much more stylish and we are using it more frequently as it feels much warmer and more welcoming. I love the design we choose and the impact the flooring has had on the overall look.

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