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Dec 06, 2023


By Joe Curran

Guest proof your home for the festive season

One of the best aspects of the Christmas season is the opportunity to reconnect with friends and loved ones, However, hosting always comes with a degree of mess and disruption, with your floors often bearing the brunt of it all.

If you have LVT flooring in place you’re already one step ahead in the hosting game, thanks to its seriously low-maintenance perks, however here are some extra steps you can take to ensure your home remains guest-proof this Christmas season:

Why LVT Flooring is any hosts go-to?

LVT flooring is a great choice for the home, anytime of year but it really comes into its own throughout Christmas when hosting is regular. LVT flooring offers exceptional durability, capable of withstanding the scuffs and scratches of bustling feet, clacking of heels and playing of children. Additionally, LVT flooring is a breeze to clean and is 100% waterproof, making it more than a match against those inevitable spills. Beyond functionality, LVT flooring elevates your space with a warm, inviting ambiance for your guests to enjoy.

Compared to other floorings, LVT reigns supreme. Whilst carpet may cosy up your space, they make a risky setting to host in, leaving you with post-party cleaning headaches. Ceramic tiles bring durability to the table as well as eased cleaning, but they can’t quite match the warmth and comfort that LVT effortlessly delivers. 

Mats matter

Welcome guests with a sturdy doormat that will allow them to remove any dirt, grit and debris that could dirty or even damage your floors. We recommend hug rug door mats which are free from PVC and safeguard your LVT flooring from discoloration, aka plasticiser migration. When the festivities wind down, simply throw your doormat in the wash at 30°C, and it’s ready for another round of celebrations.

Take protective measures

If you’re rearranging furniture to create space for socialising,  it’s always good to take protective measures against damage. Even with LVT’s enhanced durability, moving heavy tables and chairs can cause scratches. Ensure you fix adhesive felt pads to the bottom of your furniture to prevent damage during movement and help your furniture glide smoothly.

Create a fragile-free zone

Depending on the nature of your gathering, whether it’s an elegant dinner or a lively party, it’s a good idea to keep breakable items minimal by storing away valuables. Opt for an added layer of precaution by choosing break-resistant glassware. Traditional plastic and paper cups are no longer the sole alternatives; now, you can uphold a premium atmosphere without worrying about shattered glass ruining the vibe of the party.

Quick clean-ups 

Spills are inevitable at any party or social gathering, right? But if you have LVT flooring, they don’t have to be a big deal. Keep a bottle of Dr. Schutz flooring cleaner on hand to ensure you’re ready for any oops moments. A quick mop up is all it takes to restore your flooring to its pristine perfection ready for the next round of fun to begin.

Your home is your space to enjoy, especially during the Christmas period. With these tips, you can enjoy the festivities without compromising your floor’s beauty and integrity.

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