navy blue creo flooring

Mar 28, 2024


By Joe Curran

Get Creative with CREO- Introducing Our Expanding Collection

Designed to inspire creativity and elevate interiors, since its debut last year, CREO has taken the market by storm, and now we are back with more.

CREO, our innovative LVT design flooring collection is expanding and our latest additions offer a blend of modernity, sophistication, and practicality. Let’s explore what’s new, and how these additions can be used to redefine your space.

Luna: Embrace Modern Geometrics

First up, meet Luna- our modern geometric design that brings a fresh twist to traditional tiles. Available in a range of captivating colourways, from soothing beiges to striking blues, Luna offers versatility as well as contemporary charm. If you’re looking to bring a bold statement to your space Luna might just be the perfect fit for you.

Panel Wood Designs: Castell, Bretagne, Versaille, and Mansion

Joining our esteemed Chateau Weave design, we are thrilled to introduce four new panel wood designs – Castell, Bretagne, Versaille, and Mansion. Each design exudes sophistication and effortlessly infuses any interior with a touch of timeless elegance and an immediate sense of luxury.

Bloc: Adding Depth and Dimension

Looking to make a statement? Enter Bloc- the epitome of depth and dimension. This innovative addition to the CREO collection delivers a striking prism block effect, introducing subtle texture and visual intrigue.

Something to Suit Any Style 

Like all wood designs within our CREO collection, Bloc and the four new panel designs are available in five enticing wood tones- Carpenter’s Oak, Pale Oak, Glacier Oak, and Roasted Oak. These shades have been carefully curated to complement a range of interior schemes. Whether your taste veers towards the contemporary or leans into the classics there is a solution to suit your style. Similarly, Luna presents a spectrum of flexible colour combinations, effortlessly adapting to any scheme you have in mind.

Perfect Pairings

With CREO, versatility is key. Luna seamlessly blends with our wood designs, enabling effortless zoning and enhanced design appeal. Whether used individually or in tandem, our flooring solutions present endless opportunities for customisation and creativity.

Style Meets Practicality

Our CREO lvt flooring is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for any area in your home, including kitchens and bathrooms. Its robust construction ensures durability, standing up against scratches and scuffs with ease, plus, cleaning is a breeze, meaning your floors stay pristine with minimal effort. 

Additionally all CREO designs feature bevelled edges for a refined and elevated appearance, and wood designs feature registered embossing, mirroring the intricate grain of authentic wood flooring. These subtle yet significant enhancements are a true indicator of our commitment to quality.

Explore the Collection

Whether you’re captivated by the contemporary allure of Luna, in love with the luxury associated with our new panel designs, or want to make a bold statement with Bloc, there’s something for every style. Explore our new CREO flooring designs now.

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