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May 03, 2023


By Joe Curran

5 reasons why LVT flooring is the perfect choice for pet owners

All pet owners understand how quickly our fur babies become the centre of our homes as well as our hearts, making them a primary consideration when renovating and specifically selecting your new flooring.

Here are 5 reasons why choosing LVT flooring for your home is the right choice for you, as well as your four legged friend.

It’s scratch-resistant

Our pets aren’t exactly delicate when it comes to our new floors so durable flooring is a must if you don’t want to be constantly worrying about damage. LVT is notoriously hard wearing and features a protective PVC wear layer to protect it from those paws and claws. Whilst LVT flooring is very durable it’s still important to take precautions to ensure pets claws are kept trimmed to keep your LVT looking its best.

It’s easy to clean

Mess simply comes with the territory of owning a pet, splashes around their water bowl, paws constantly gathering dirt and dust, and don’t even get us started on moulting. To maintain a clean home you will need to clean up regularly, but with LVT it’s easy to do with a simple brush (or vacuum) and a mop, unlike alternative flooring materials like hardwood and carpet which require a more intense cleaning regime. 

It’s waterproof

LVT flooring is a good choice for pet owners because it’s waterproof. Unlike other types of flooring LVT doesn’t absorb liquid and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. If your dog has an accident on the floor you won’t have to worry about damages and can clean it up quickly and easily. 

It’s comfortable

Due to it being made from PVC, LVT flooring offers a level of warmth and comfort that other hard floor coverings like authentic wood and stone do not. In addition to giving you a more comfortable walking experience your pet will have a warm and soft something to sleep on in their favourite spot.

It’s quiet underfoot

The PVC material that LVT is made out of also means it is quiet underfoot in comparison to most hard floor coverings meaning you don’t need to worry about the constant tip tap of paws or claws on your flooring.This means you can relax in peace whilst your pet plays to their heart’s content.


We all want to create a home that’s both beautiful and practical. A space for the entire family, including our pets. LVT flooring is a popular choice among pet owners as it combines the functional benefits of a hard floor, such as durability, water resistance and easy maintenance, with the added benefits of comfort and warmth, providing a safe and cosy environment for your pets to play and relax. Additionally LVT is available in an endless array of designs making it easy to find a perfect match for your style.

At j2 Flooring, we have an extensive collection of wood and stone LVT flooring designs that you and your pet will love.

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