Bright Spring Aesthetic Flooring

Apr 26, 2024


By Joe Curran

5 Floors For A Bright Spring Aesthetic

Each year the freshness of Spring is long awaited. The days grow longer and the sunshine is abundant, making it the perfect time to breathe new life into your home.

Spring is synonymous with light, airy interiors. If you like a bright and open aesthetic elevated with touches of nature-inspired accents and a palette that reflects the soft outdoors you will love this carefully curated selection of Spring inspired LVT flooring shades, bringing together some of our favourite light & medium flooring options.

Pale Oak

Effortlessly versatile, Pale Oak enhances the brightness of any space. It’s soft, neutral tones create a calming canvas, while its natural grain adds a subtle sense of depth to your interior. Available in a range of formats, Pale Oak particularly stuns in our herringbone pattern and chateau weave panel design. Pair it with airy furnishings and accents of greenery for a truly refreshing feel.

Burford Beige and White

For lightness infused with a touch of Victorian charm, Burford in Beige and White is the perfect choice. This combination can be complemented with fresh flowers for an elegant and fresh aesthetic. Alternatively, explore other light Victorian tile combinations such as white with pale blue for a completely different yet equally lovely spring vibe.

Carpenters Oak

Transport yourself to a rustic countryside retreat with Carpenters Oak. Its rich, earthy tones and natural texture brings the beauty of nature indoors, infusing your space with warmth and character. Available in an array of formats, embrace herringbone, basketweave, or our Bretagne panel design for an added element of design.

Luna Beige and Cream

Embrace modern sophistication with Luna in beige and cream. This geometric tile combination offers a soft yet contemporary infusion of colour to your space whilst maintaining a sense of openness and airiness. Not your style? Customise your flooring with other colour combinations more suited to your interior scheme, we love cream and pale green or cream and greystone as other bright, light and beautiful options.

Timber Greige

Strike the perfect balance between warmth and versatility with Timber Greige. Its subtle blend of grey and beige tones complement a variety of interior styles, making it the ideal choice for creating a bright and airy atmosphere whatever your aesthetic.

Not only do each of these designs enhance the beauty of your aesthetic, but they also offer many practical benefits that are especially valuable during the active spring season. Our LVT flooring is renowned for its durability, making it perfect for busy households where children and pets are constantly on the move. And with its easy cleaning and waterproof properties, you can spend less time worrying about messes and more time enjoying the sunshine, both indoors and out.

Preview how these designs can immediately evoke a sense of airy freshness into your home using our room visualiser tool.

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