About j2 Flooring

As a family owned company, j2 Flooring has been producing its own collection of luxury vinyl flooring since 2011 and our history in flooring dates back 40 years.

All our products are manufactured exclusively and we have a vast customer base in the UK. The flooring we produce is available from a selection of flooring companies nationwide, who can supply and install all of the products produced in the j2 Flooring collection.

More Than a Name

The name j2 is derived from the first letter of the names of the companies founders wife and son (Jenna and Jayden) and this family connection is the foundation of its values, to provide beautiful flooring designed for living at affordable prices.

Everyday j2 Flooring supplies quality LVT flooring that is both manufactured with precision and provides solutions for homes and businesses at some of the most affordable prices on the market.

As a brand, j2 Flooring is focused on providing quality and design. All of our floors are inspired by nature and improved by design, making them more durable, warmer, quieter and affordable in the process.


All our luxury vinyl flooring products are built to last, which is why all j2 Flooring comes with wear guarantees from 12 years upto Lifetime.

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