What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT)?

Luxury vinyl flooring also referred to many flooring professionals as LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) or design flooring is now becoming one of the most popular choices of flooring for home and business, due to its durability, practicality, ease of maintenance and realistic / designer appearance.This product has many benefits, most notably:

  • Hard wearing and durable
  • Water proof
  • Easy to maintain clean
  • Natural, designer appearance
  • Warm and quiet underfoot
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for underfloor heating

Don’t be deterred by the word “vinyl” as unlike old traditional forms of vinyl (cushion floor, lino etc), luxury vinyl flooring is used in many commercial premises due to its durability and realism and is fast becoming the biggest growing product in the flooring industry, as its the professionals choice.

The image below shows how luxury vinyl flooring is made and, very much like a cake, each layer has its role. At j2 Flooring, we produce glue down luxury vinyl flooring and also rigid click vinyl flooring, both are similar but have slightly different layers, as you can see below:

Product Construction

As you can see by the two diagrams above, the elements in both the click vinyl and the glue down vinyl flooring are similar, below we will discuss each layer and explain its role in the construction of an LVT floor:

1. UV Coating

This layer is a protective polyurethane coating, it is factory applied and with regular maintenance is replenished to help protect the wear layer and keep the appearance of the flooring looking better for longer.

2. Wear Layer

This is the layer that provides the durability and guarantee length. Wear layers vary on each LVT product, but the thicker the wear layer the more durable the product. the standard classification of wear layer is usually:

  • 0.30mm thickness = Heavy Domestic / Light Commercial
  • 0.55mm thickness = General Commercial
  • 0.70mm thickness = Heavy Commercial

3. Decor Layer

this is the film print, which gives the product its design feature. At j2 Flooring, we choose the most natural looking designs to ensure your floor is as authentic as possible.

4. Stability Layer with Fibreglass (Rigid Core Click Vinyl Flooring)

This is an important layer to maintain the stability and rigidity of the floor

5. Middle and Bottom PVC Layers (Rustic Textures and Natural Timbers Collections) for Glue down LVT

These layers individually add to the stability and strength of the product and also give it its pliability.

6. Fibreglass Layer Rustic Textures and Natural Timbers Collections) for Glue down LVT

this again assists in the stability of the product, especially under situations of duress, such as when the temperature changes and or there is slight movement in the subfloor.

7. SPC Rigid Core, with Click System (Rigid Core Click Collection only)

on our rigid core click vinyl, our core is made of SPC (stone, polymer composite). Replacing some PVC with stone powder makes the product a lot more stable than 100% PVC click vinyl floors. It also makes the floor able to be installed over slightly uneven subfloors and still perform, 100% waterproof and all round is the best formulation of click vinyl around. Our click system is i4F which is a drop and lock system, making it extremely DIY friendly.

8. iXPE Built in Sound Reduction Underlay (Rigid Core Collection only)

with an in built underlay attached to the base of our rigid core product, this reduces noise by upto 17db and also makes it an effortless, easier installation, cutting down cost and time.